Through the World of Warcraft analysis online communication

“Play” is a part of human nature. The process of playing is also a social process. Previously, through the PC Internet, video games to achieve social process. The game is causing childhood exchanges and interactive media, in the game as “glue,” sharing the game’s experience and experience of a friend can bring us more pleasure. The game industry for social play what has much different understanding, I think there are different stages of the game’s social, each stage reflects different levels of contact, developers need to recognize that each stage of the game is to maintain the balance of social relations.

The first stage – I watch other people play

When downloading a game player never played the game, they only for this game has a preliminary understanding, they do not know themselves in the game, can make what kind of friends, friends will give what impression.

In World of Warcraft, 34.2% of the players to make friends as the most important game factors, social content of the game process can always attract a lot of players. When the player enters a game, see other players enjoy the game process, very few will choose to ignore, the player will not want to be isolated in the whole game process.

Let the first entry into a game of the player “to see someone else in the play” made the initial communication may be this step is very critical. This stage of social, players is passive, in a tentative mood. Developers in the design of this stage of social content, to avoid giving early play excessive psychological shadow, help early play to get help from some experienced game player where, and then pulled up to the early play the game the whole heart is expected, the initial tutorial can’t replace this process.

The second stage – people see me play

Once the player has been able to get through the first stage, adapted to the whole game, they will be happy to share their gaming experience in the game’s social groups, and this is the second stage – others see me play. At this stage, they want to find ideas in the game to find like people to share, this time, in the game, shouted the speaker is very meaningful.

Players will need to “show off” in the game to brush out the equipment, or share the excellent game video, in short, at this stage of the exchange of motivation is the performance of the game in the process of self satisfaction. However, even with the “show off” in the heart of the need, many players are still very cautious, they will be in the process of social choice anonymous. While others do not see who they are, but the game is enough to show the achievements of a lot of players, “content.”

By “showing off,” the player will think that their time and money spent in the game are worth it, and the process is also able to increase the player’s pay for the desire and duration of the game. For example, there are very few whale users are willing to buy no more useful accessories, they are more willing to spend more on the actual game project, to get a higher achievement.

The third stage – brush record

To the third stage, the exchange between the players become more direct and straightforward. At this stage, the player has ultimately become a member of the game, basically accepted the game, and the game has a certain length of assurance. At this time, the players will be very concerned about the “ranking,” “achievement ranking” and the like, they will pay great attention to absorb the views of other players, and constantly refresh the results, which is also the reason to show off. In short, this stage of social networking will be more active, players will continue to return to the game, and other players to maintain communication.

In the MMO game, there is a standard behavior, is to place their own after the upgrade to other players to play the signal, and then there will be a lot of other players sent to congratulate, even if they do not know the player.

The fourth stage – the establishment of cooperation

As participation and confidence continue to increase, players will be more willing to participate in community organizations in the game. A lot of games will be introduced to the game player in the early stage of the community, help early play better in the game environment, participate in the game in the “XX alliance,” “XX” can make the early play get help from other users.

However, as the player’s participation increased depth, you need a lot of depth of the model, the player wants to be able to get more response in the game.The communication between the game player in the game must establish real cooperation, otherwise, in the game of the community will soon disappear.

The fifth stage- the establishment of the Games Association

To this stage, the importance of the game itself down to a secondary position, social networking has become the most important thing, the game is just a way of communication. The association will carry out the management and customized training program for all members. The guild can help the organizers get real rewards, but it takes more effort to manage. Many people also because the association of the organization to establish a realistic relationship, such as love, and so on.

However, only the most determined players can survive in the guild, and this experience will become a valuable experience for many players. Given the “privilege” of some of these games, these players will be able to help you with the interest of other less loyal players.

Social networking is a game, not a game. Social games need to be based on data and research, but social networking is a way of thinking, not a “dead” formula .”

Game developers should stand in six different stages, thinking about how to build the game’s internal social. The social game is not the purpose of the game, but an important game process. It is very difficult to maintain social relationships in the game, like maintaining a seesaw is always in a state of equilibrium, such as a paid game player has important value, but the game is not only paid for the game player design, developers also need to consider the psychological requirements of the other game player. Developers have to realize that they are not only in the production of a game but also to help all people to communicate through the game, which is the real charm of the game’s social attributes.


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