Analysis of the image and character of World of Warcraft game

“World of Warcraft” is a cartoon style for the whole picture of the game, the game in Europe had the overall style of realism, such as “Baldur’s Gate” series and network game “EQ” system, while the real appearance, but due to technical problems and machine configuration problem of public game player, the realistic picture of the game show generally, even in many oriental people it seems too rough”. And “World of Warcraft” from the details of the transfer to the whole, but also to the attention of the players from the details to the whole.
For example, object texture has been realistic images of pain to the foot of a scene object surface can never be fundamental error or distortion, so the graphic style of the site, a tree is a big operation, not to mention the forest. The “World of Warcraft” cartoon style but perhaps texture, evade the crucial point, its color is large, the edge is thick, no other details of the famous game really delicate, but it is in the color adjustment, lighting effects and skin quality and other aspects, to create their style, which in no way inferior to any realistic picture visual effect. Just like the “dream factory” movie, with a cartoon to express the real world is difficult to represent the world.
“World of Warcraft” did not use the most advanced engine. The characters, architecture, the landscape is very straightforward and understandable, and the world looked more cartoon, but from a certain point of view, its artistic style is so intuitive, no matter where you will have a lot of strange scenery fantastic picture can visit.

What is art? What is the visual impact? There is a broken old bell mouth floor at the entrance to the underground city in the former capital, and each had an inkling of Warcraft history who first saw it would have a sense of sadness or other feelings. For us, this is the visual impact!
“World of Warcraft” set by other characters in the most advanced systems, has more than selected in several models and textures which can be respectively fixed, in the character’s physical appearance, color, hair style, hair color and head ornaments are making choices, especially the head ornaments are different for different races: bull horn is a choice size and shape, the night elves choose face tattoo. The overall character of the coincidence rate is very low.
Finally let us look at the equipment model, also known as paper doll system. “World of Warcraft” different equipment to wear on the body and immediately change the image, wrist, gloves, belts, shoes, the most difficult place of performance of a local Blizzard also did not let go, and this is the most basic requirements. “World of Warcraft” equipment texture, style, style has excellent performance, slightly played a period after the game player can easily distinguish the front character was wearing a chainmail leather or cloth, clothes, weapons and more cool to the extreme, even the shape colors have different gloss, for a point is not inferior to the equipment to cool as the “Heaven II”. This requirement for the art is quite high, the need for a very deep cultural heritage to complete and further create a variety of World of Warcraft’s characters.
I think “World of Warcraft” in the western people too, including two in men and women completely by western human blueprint, covering the active body hair, even the night elves do not have a model to reflect the Oriental beauty. Of course, this is related to the overall cultural style of the game, but our question is: our world can produce the Oriental race, why “World of Warcraft” can not be without it? This is, after all, is about to take root in China’s online games, we want to play, is also a favorite of the way they like.


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