Week 3——Screen Cultures and Seveles

Lacan thinks the establishment of consciousness occurred in a mysterious moment pre-language baby, this is the “mirror stage,” after entering Freud’s Oedipus stage. Children’s self and his complete self-consciousness began to emerge. The thinking of the mirror stage is based on the physiological factWhen a 6-18 month infants recognize themselves in a mirror image, and the baby is still unable to control their body movements; others also need care and support. However, it can recognize the image in the mirror and realize the integrity of the body.

The specific process is that, at first, the baby that the mirror is others, and later realized that the mirror is their own, at this stage, the baby for the first time fully aware of the self. Before this, the baby has not yet established a sense of self. From the beginning of the mirror stage, the baby has established the “self” and “others” of the opposition. In other words, the baby can only be aware of who he is by looking at the ” mirror .” Other people’s eyes is also a mirror of the baby to know yourself, “others” to “self” to send a signal. In the eyes of others, the baby will mirror the internalization of “self.”
Lacan’s mirror starting from the baby. Everything will confuse reality and imagine the scene called mirror experience.

Babies born to know to eat, sleep, mood changes and the passions of excretion.


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