Analysis of World of Warcraft from the perspective of networked affect

  • How does affect work in online spaces to disrupt the idea of “real” and “virtual”?

Is this unreal? Isn’t it true?

Details of setting work in online effect spaces to disrupt the idea of real ” and “virtual.” One of the most outstanding achievement is the “Macro” – put together a variety of command execution; in addition to the two opposing camps, each camp has different races, there are slightly different skills among the various races, provides plentiful options for the game player. The WoW user interface is straightforward and powerful, NPC head of the yellow exclamation mark indicates the task, significantly enhance the penetration and continuity of the game. Even the lowest level, you can smoothly in the match, found various details of the design. For example, the human novice area in the Alvin forest there is a tower, this humble tower has recorded numerous historical heroes and ancient stories, the top there is a magic ball, allowing you to view the distance can not reach the area; the NPC of the game have different accents, speaking for jokes, good observation the game player will find a surprise; love learning game player can read a lot of books within the competition, learn more about the history of Ai-Ze Lars. There are details of the treatment, for example, a distinct role in the South China Sea Wharf sunrise, Outland pub.
World of Warcraft’s mission is not just the experience of the award, it also contains a fantastic story, guide the direction of the player’s game, to avoid the player to wander. “Kill ten rabbits, and then talk to Bob” is a very simple task, but if you need to kill rabbits running more than a half map, and Bob lives in another village, then the task is to achieve some powerful branch function. Through the particular area to perform tasks, and then go to another place to finish; in the wild hunt, then go to the village to find Bob for other tasks, the tension and the beautiful scenery of danger comes when the alternation, so in the game player designers lured to obtain the high-quality gaming experience.
World of Warcraft is not a “world” of an essence, but a carefully designed game. But Blizzard’s designers tried to reduce Ai-Ze Lars’s “game,” NPC mouths the heroic deeds of the ecological system and the town of thorns Valley rich brought highly realistic WoW. Without them, the world will not be wonderful; none of these games will be flat and uninteresting.

  • How does affect spread through the network?

Since the network, the world is no longer monotonous; since there are online games, the world is no longer lonely.
In this increasing lack of communication, the more spiritual emptiness of the times, World of Warcraft’s team will undoubtedly give a copy of the baptism of cohesion and love. Only old copies of a group of home can understand how happy friends are deeply attached to each other. So some people say: if you do not play a team copy, World of Warcraft’s best to enjoy half the essence.
World of Warcraft innovation copy design, team concept, DKP system, in its 60s period is the pinnacle of the history of online games. When T DZ saw the fallen and rushed to open BOSS let his teammates have time to dodge the war, and their compound was brought down when you see yourself playing the treatment of red blood is blue to bandage the divine light over my teammates. When my teammates fell in BOSS stampede when they see ZS as irretrievable. Break open the reactor shield wall group to ridicule his teammates monster when you see the card a dozen CD BOSS finally pushed people as cheerful as a lark? This is the spirit of the team: support, share. How many game player at that moment heart surging to stop?
That is the team spirit in sublimation, that is because the soul is driven to move and can not be made, that is all.

  • How are you affected in World of Warcraft and by what? (E.g. visuals, audio,environment, avatar)


  • How does affect change your relationship to your avatar and the game? Does it make you feel closer to it or more distant?




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